Are Greenfield guitars any good? [With Answer]

Playing on one of the best acoustic guitars has been the dream of everyone aspiring to be a professional. Professionals and musicians will never go for an acoustic guitar choice that will flop their performance as well. This is the reason why there are different brands of guitars.

The different brands of guitar are there, so you can choose one that suits you, considering Greenfield, Taylor, Gibson, Fender, Yamaha, and other notable brands. Although quality and sound come first, the price has an influence when you’re choosing the guitar.

Greenfield guitars are very expensive when compared to other brands mentioned above. To some people, the price is a no-go area. Others can afford the cost but are not sure if the quality and sound match the price tag.

You can get the likes of Yamaha and Taylor for $2,000 -$3,000, but that’s nothing compared to the price of a Greenfield guitar. 

Yes, Greenfield guitars are one of the best guitars in the world today. The guitars are made in a modern workshop located in Montreal, QC. Every acoustic guitar made from Greenfield’s workshop is guaranteed to last for decades, from the top, back, frets, and sound.

Greenfield guitars are made from the best kinds of tonewoods; Including cocobolo, Macassar ebony, amazon rosewood, and zirconate. The sides and back are made of koa, and the soundboards are always from alpine spruce. Finishing and fittings of Greenfield guitars are next to none.

Every guitar made from Greenfield’s workshop is voiced for the sake of musical and tonal spectrum. You can recognize a Greenfield guitar with the fan frets, and the guitars are made available in several designs, depending on the owner’s preference.

Greenfield guitars

Michael Greenfield, the owner of Greenfield guitars, made it known that all guitars from his workshop are handcrafted, and he pays attention to details whenever he’s producing. This is one reason it takes months for the completion of a guitar. Playing a guitar like Greenfield is an eye-opening experience.

As a player, a responsive instrument with a dynamic range that can be utilized is one to look out for; you’re getting that in a Greenfield guitar. The clarity of tone and sustained subs will leave you impressed, as well as the rising overtones. It also comes with a fat treble.

One thing about this guitar brand is that you can’t get it in a store. It is unlike other guitar brands that practice mass production. To own a Greenfield guitar, you must first consult the luthier, Michael Greenfield. After this, you make a non-refundable $3,000 deposit so that the production of your handcrafted guitar can begin. 

Time, care, and energy are invested during the course of production; the process requires paying attention to details. A GF model costs about $12,000, and other models start from $14,500. 

In conclusion, owning a Greenfield guitar means you have one of the best acoustic guitars with you, as well as a precious and great piece of art. Greenfield guitars are built with the best materials around.

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