Best 5 Acoustic-Electric Guitar 2021- Feedback and Reviews

Acoustic guitars and Electric guitars are no strangers to the guitar world. But what if you love to play a little of both acoustic and electric? Our Best Acoustic-Electric Guitar 2021– Feedback and Reviews guide is made to take you on a little trip around this concept.

Acoustic-electrics are originally acoustics but can be played electrically as well. The look is more acoustic yet they feel can easily grab the electric qualities attached to it. Acoustic-electric guitars are specifically made to perform. They have great electronics attached and some most amazing sound and tone variations when played plugged in and unplugged. It’s recommended for beginners to start with either a pure acoustic or a fully electric guitar before moving to complicated versions such as acoustic-electric guitars. But look, no strings attached to your skills or dreams. We have listed down some great beginner-friendly acoustic-electrics as well, just for you inspired individuals!

Editor Choice

Martin LX1E Little Martin Acoustic/Electric


Why is it better?

  • Fantastic sound & tone
  • Portable
  • Durability

Editor Choice

Fender Broken-In Leather Strap, Tan 2.5"


Why is it better?

    • Fantastic sound & tone
    • Portable
    • Durability

The line up at a glance

After a series of in-depth research on several products, we’ve selected these best acoustic electric guitar Read through each product with its pros and cons to find your guitar.



Our Rating

Martin LX1E Little Martin Acoustic/Electric

Smallest guitar in Martini Series, yet with a very big tone. Beautifully built. Quality and versatility are on spot. Ideal for travelers, students, and pros.


Taylor 110e Acoustic-Electric Guitar - Natural Sitka Spruce

Dreadnought shape for excellent tone and volume. Great tune and superb playability. Outstanding amplified performance. All for an affordable price.


Epiphone DOVE PRO

Breathtaking Vintage Dove artwork and premium Tonewoods that age to perfection. Reliable tuning precision and stability. Very affordable.


Yamaha FGX820C

Great tones and sounds. A reliable brand, a quality instrument, and feel light to your pocket too.


Takamine EF341SC Pro Series Dreadnought

Great playability. Naturally resonant and the instrument itself is quite durable. Includes a posh hardshell case.


Our Picks For Top 5 Best Acoustic Electric Guitar in 2021


Martin LX1E Little Martin Acoustic/Electric

Smallest guitar in Martini Series, yet with a very big tone.

+ Fantastic Sound & Great pickup tones

+ Portable & convenient

+ Great durability

+ Good for beginners too

+ Gigbag included

23” scale length makes bends difficult

Buzz noises when plugged in


Martin is all about its great sounds, superb built & finish, and long-lasting quality which cannot go unnoticed. Large in volume, small in size, convenient, and packed with so much making it fun to have. The LX1E Little Martin Acoustic/Electric guitar is a class axe with great sounds and durability. You have got the freedom of playing this at home, studio or anywhere else at any time you’d want to. Even ideal for travelers because of its compact-sized body and length. Its deep sound creates the overflowing richness and gives fantastic clarity too.

Some would prefer playing unplugged because of its volume while being plugged, a Buzz from the frets can be easily heard.

Detail Reviews

The brand CF Martin & Co, made with versatility, loaded with great materials and big pitched tunes, crafted the body with firm Sitka spruce/Mahogany. Headstock as Solid, Square, Tapered, and the mahogany pattern HPL with printed logo head plate.
A Mortise Tenon Neck Joint and Inlaid Boltaron rosette with red fiber modified 1 Style top bracing pattern gives a cool and simple feel. The Bridge type is included with style 1 belly while its Fretboard material is made up of Solid Morado wood. 2 1/8” Bridge string spacing.

14 clear frets with a total of 20 frets. 23″ scale length, smaller than any guitar. Some people wished the guitar was full-size as they might be able to get their bends and turns in an accurate position. The light in weight (8.3 pounds) and 6.3 x 38.58 x 18.11” makes this guitar a real Little Martin. Pickup Configuration Electronics: Fishman Isys T for some easy playability and brilliant Pickups. You will be mesmerized by its marvelous warm, rich, and clearer sound.


Taylor 110e Acoustic-Electric Guitar - Natural Sitka Spruce

Dreadnought shape for excellent tone and volume.

+ Excellent tone & volume

+ Buzz-free & well-tuned performance

+ Warm bass response

+ Great for beginners

Chime Noise

Heavy & Huge

Taylor is well known for its brighter tones, loud High-Mid range with its comfy playable built. Punchy and hard smashing solid tunes, yet silky. The balanced tunes are well identifiable from the time you pick it up and start playing. The aggressive lows and open mid-range tones make this instrument a “love at first strung”.
Its Sitka Spruce-Walnut finish gives a glittering core performance. The “2 system expression” provides the required amount of pickup dynamic range for a flawless pickguard when strumming.
Plays great simultaneously Plugged or unplugged as you will get a buzz-free sound. The size could be overwhelming for some which can also make it difficult to travel with but always depend on the occasion. Gigbag is an added advantage.

Its Dreadnought finish gives a very easily accessible instrument for everyone, as the Solid Sitka Spruce (best in the making) top wood gives immense sound for more than its caliber. The Layered Walnut from its back & sides and Satin Varnish body finish give a very simple and neat look. Comes with Standard Taylor Profile neck shape and scale length of 25 1/2”.
Nut width: 1 11/16″ and the Fingerboard comes as a Genuine African Ebony with 20 frets.
Expression System 2 and Professional Audio-Grade for a clean set through pickups when plugged & unplugged scenarios and provides easy volume control, also bass and trebles options as well. Chrome Tuners with Chrome buttons and onboard phase switch on the feedback filter. Weights over 25 pounds which sometimes can be a drawback factor.

However, it’s affordable, easily playable that makes beginners march in and get their hands on this. Taylors 110e produces warm and sparky tones, with smooth mids and crisp highs.


Epiphone DOVE PRO

Breathtaking Vintage Dove artwork and premium Tonewoods that age to perfection.

+ Rich tones & great stability

+ Great Value Pack

+ Natural-sounding electronics

+ Tonewood

Not built to the core firmness

Laminated body gives less durability

This Epiphone Dove PRO is packed with great value and features. Just under $400 you’ll be surprised to compare this to a Gibson which costs more than double its price yet this Dove gives the same features and sounds like a Gibson. Warm, spicy tones, and excellent Pickup, very smooth playability as the Fishman electrons deliver outstanding plugged-in playing experience while its neck often gives its perfectly matched playing ability.

Some claim that materials aren’t firm enough, yet highly affordable price and playability for such an affordable price is a great deal. And this bird is great in stabilizing the tunes as well. 

The Dove artwork gives a rich outlook and the Laminated body finish makes for a glossy outcome.
Solid spruce top, Maple back, and sides let its tuning to inflate with time. 5-ply black/white top binding and Gibson Phosphor Bronze, 012-.053 strings add more flavor to this bird. Scale Length of 25.5. SlimTaper “D” neck profile and 12” Fingerboard Radius, and with 20 frets that bind in for some great sounds. Starting the plugged in plays, as the Fishman Sonitone electrons are in place. The compensated Saddle, imitation bone, and adjustable Truss Rod make it even more convenient for users. Bridge type comes as Rosewood with “Dove”-shaped Pearloid inlays which are fascinating.
The imitation tortoise with traditional “Dove” artwork Pickguard is another cool factor that adds up to this axe.
Endpin: 1/4”, Strings D’Addario Phosphor (12-53) and a 9-volt battery power pack. Controls included as Master Volume & Master Tone make easy configurations.
Fishman Sonicore (under saddle) Pickups and Fishman Sonitone soundhole preamps making this pretty birdy a real monster of sounds.

With all these features packed up for just under $400 you’ll be getting an Epiphone DOVE PRO Electric-Acoustic guitar that is perhaps equivalent to Gibson which costs thousands.


Yamaha FGX820C

Great tones and sounds

+ Great tones

+ Great sounds

+ Scalloped Bracing

Not an eye catchy design

Sharp Fret ends

This Yamaha’s FGX820C is worth the money. Its Sitka Spruce top takes the tunes to another dimension.
The scalloped bracing to get the increased low end with great mids. This guitar is made to its best craftsmanship at all levels to maintain the classic look, high performance and at the same time keeping the durability and long-lasting package throughout the years to come with great tunes and features added. It has sharp fret ends that make playing sometimes kinda difficult.
But having said that, this acoustic-electric is great for beginners. Very affordable and great player experience, the tunes, durability, and playability.Great for a second guitar as well.

The traditional western body with Mahogany back & sides, newly developed scalloped bracing gives a very spiky and span classic look. Sometimes it’s way too simple at a glance, but thanks to its well-built materials that could live up to its expectation for Yamaha’s reputation.
The 820 Yamaha gives fabulously bright and sparky tones when plugged in, thanks to its 66 electronics + SRT Pickup system. And the controls are included with Volume, 3-band EQ Tuner, Mid FQ for much more controllability when playing. It weighs over 7.23 pounds which makes it convenient for traveling. A hardtail bridge system and Black ABS with White Dot, bridge pins give solid durability to its entire bridge system. Scale Length of 25 9/16” and Body Length of 19 7/8” makes this guitar a reasonable size that could be used by any kind of player. Fingerboard made of Rosewood, the Radius is set to a 23 5/8”. The single-cutaway gives height to the 20 frets.


Takamine EF341SC Pro Series Dreadnought

Great playability.

+ Stunning neat Black outlook

+ Naturally resonant, acoustic sound at any volume

+ Great durability

+ 4.8 positive ratings

+ Beginner-friendly

Not for everyone (Recommended for stage performers)

Price is over $1500

The Lag Tramontane is known for its comfortable structure that gives easy playable ability while it’s made up of long-lasting components such as Solid Spruce Engelmann, Khaya Mahogany, Ovangkol with a high gloss finish looking so neat and shiny. It sounds extremely beautiful as it got smooth depth tones in its pickup methods. It also got a few dynamic ranges and effortless playability, thanks to its satin finish.
Unfortunately, the Lag Tramontane 318 T318ACE is unsought among the players or musicians so far. Yet it offers far more than expected for its lavish bass outcome from its ovangkol wood.

The Takamine EF341SC Acoustic-Electric Guitar is made for the ultimate stage performance and the gorgeous stunning looking gloss black finish gives the extreme aggressive look that is needed for its features… The Laminated Maple wood is fitted to the Back & Sides, Mahogany neck wood, and solid cedar as the top wood makes it so durable in years to come. The Rosewood Fingerboard & eye-catching Snowflake Inlay makes smooth strumming and adds flavors to its sounds.
The CT-4B preamp with Palathetic pickup, tuner & D’Addario EXP16 light-gauge strings for some real sound at any set volume.
White/black CAB with chrome tuning machine adds a great rich feel. Dreadnought body shape and single-cutaway body style make it even more noticeable at glance. Nut and saddle materials as Bone with Piezo pickup configuration settings.
Packed with so many features and stunning black gloss finishes in its body and shape. Easily accessible with great tunes and sounds for genres like Country, Blues, and Rock. This Takamine got to be the up-lifting moment to your musical future.

Criteria used for evaluation


Guitar materials usually have the least impact on electric guitars, yet the material has a lot to do with acoustic guitar sounds and tones.
Material matters due to the quality of acoustic in these guitars. Mahogany is the most common body material in acoustics and it’s widely being used for electric guitars as well. Mahogany, Ash, Maple, Basswood, Agathis, Alder, Poplar, Walnut, Spruce, and holly are some very common wood types used for different parts of the acoustic-electric guitars. However, some guitars are laminated as well, to get that polished shiny look and to cut down extra cost.


As material becomes the hero when unplugged when plugged-in, electronics attached determines the sound.
Well, an acoustic-electric won’t ever sound like pure electric when plugged-in. But they produce some wild sounds that you can actually enjoy only through acoustic electric. These guitars are manufactured to perform and attract the crowds with the unique sounds and tones they produce through their electronics attached hollow bodies.


The main electronics attached are pick-ups and preamps. The pickup converts the sound into an electronic signal which is amplified by the preamp.
More like an electrified acoustic sound at an electric guitar volume.
Alternatively, you could also get an acoustic guitar and upgrade with a pickup, but the instruments listed are a full-package, made to play as acoustic-electrics.


These hybrid versions of guitars may cost you too much if chosen only from high-end brands. Our short-listed guitars are a mixture of branded, mid-range, and affordable prices. Guitar durability & playability should be defined through its price

Frequently Asked Question

Acoustic-electrics are manufactured for the stage. They are used in a variety of music genres where the sound of an acoustic guitar is desired but more volume is required, especially during live performances or studio sessions.fallings and easily shares some of your guitar weight off as well.

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