Best Electric Guitar For Small Hands [2021 Reviews]

Why shouldn’t your small hands or short fingers keep you from playing full-featured best electric guitars in the market? Our ultimate guide to the best electric guitar for small hands comes with answers to all your questions, cause we leave no space for disappointment.

Our goal is to break the awkwardness you may feel when you try to reach some high chords and it’s not that easy. As a result, we have fetched the most updated information and reviews to help you choose the best electric guitar for small hands. And of course, in the meantime you might as well technically train your hands to stretch properly which will absolutely work big time… As they say; “No Pain-No Gain!”

What Makes a Guitar Good for Small Hands?

Few prime features and qualities you should consider when buying an electric guitar that is best for small hands.

Scale Length: Scale length affects the tension of the strings, the shorter the scale length is the less tension there will be.

A thin neck: Have you encountered musicians with relatively smaller hands play full-sized electric guitars? Apart from the training, the secret behind it is the thin neck of the guitar. We highly recommend guitars with C neck. Slim D and Thin U shaped necks are great choices as well, although these are slightly bigger, they are easier for your thumb placement.

Fretboard: The fretboard and how it feels to your hand is one major factor. Usually, electric guitars have smaller fretboards in comparison to acoustic guitars, based on that, electric guitars are generally better supported for small hands.

The Cutaway: Deeper cutaway will help you to hit the higher notes and get your small finger to reach the notes that you want to play.

Light Strings: You will find either 008 or 009 light strings easier. 009 could be a better option as 008 can be a little too light for some. Better avoid 010 strings unless your hands and fingers are well trained.

Size: ¾ sized electric guitars are most ideal for small hands. Most student-sized or child-sized and beginner guitars normally come in this size. The size makes it comfortable for you to play, handle, and hold the guitar and this also reduces strain on your arm, shoulder, and hands which will make the playing a lot easier and fun.

But many ¾ size electric guitars do not come with the same features as the full-sized electric guitars. Let us present our hand-picked list of guitars troubleshooting that problem for you.

Editor Choice

Fender Kurt Cobain Jaguar


Why is it better?

  • Size ¾
  • Modern c-shaped neck with a short scale length
  • Replica of Kurt Cobain’s iconic modified Fender Jaguar

Editor Choice

Fender Kurt Cobain Jaguar


Why is it better?

  • Size ¾

  • Modern c-shaped neck with a short scale length

  • Replica of Kurt Cobain’s iconic modified Fender Jaguar

The line up at a glance

We’ve done in-depth loads of researches through many various products and chosen 5 different models to compare. Have a look through all our pros and cons for each one to find your best electric guitar for small hands.



Our Rating

Fender Kurt Cobain Jaguar

Your own copy of Kurt’s Jag. Cool looks and big tone. Best for both novice and professional players.


Ibanez GRGM21BKN 3/4 Size Mikro Electric Guitar

¾ version of the Ibanez full-size GRX and GRG models. High-quality sound and great construction.


Epiphone SG Special VE Electric

Featuring Humbuckers with Ceramic Magnets and Vintage Worn Finish. Modern approach 60s era.


Squier by Fender Mini Strat Beginner Electric Guitar

Cool, crisp and rich tone for a very affordable price. Best for beginners and children.


Gibson SG Special

Gibson SG Special is a popular rock icon. Primarily focused on comfort and playability. Its Gibson peeps… the name says it all.


Our Picks For Top 5 Best Electric Guitar for small hands


Fender Kurt Cobain Jaguar

Best quality guitar that comes with the same features as full-sized electric guitar versions.

+ Incredibly easy to play (24” in scale length with a modern c-shaped neck)

+ Switching position is lightning fast

+ Right weight

+ Nirvana spirit

+ Clean tones

Access to the controls not easy

The price is high

Aged finish is a possible turn-off


Searching for a professional guitar for small hands? Without a doubt, Fender Kurt Cobain Jaguar can be what you are looking for. One of the best electric guitars around for small hands. It originally comes with the fantastic DiMarzio DP103 PAF 36th Anniversary (neck) pickup & DP100 Super Distortion (bridge) humbucking pickups, and also three knurled “chrome-dome” control knobs (volume, volume, tone). With its beautiful 3 color sunburst look, C neck, and ¾ size design, the authentic Nirvana sound together is a force to be reckoned with.

What else can we ask for when Fender branded high-quality electric guitar comes with a handy dandy black textured vinyl hard-shell case and contains the exclusive Fender Kurt Cobain book.


This awesome 6-string instrument is made of Alder wood as the body material and comes with a bound Rosewood fretboard. Specifically, Rosewood is used for the fretboard gives it durability, a warm & rich tone, and the ability to level out the high-end harshness. 24” scale length and 9.5” radius make it the best choice for small hands. 

3 color Sunburst enhances its beauty, while its impressive tone makes it a gorgeous beast.

Kurt Cobain Jaguar remains one of the greatest signature models of Fender. Great reviews seen on Amazon, people trust this electric guitar to stay faithful to the original model, meaning no compromised features as the size is shrunk from full to ¾.

Impressive reviews are given on the design itself, unique set-up, and playability. Five-star feedback about different tones it can play such as Rock, Blues, Jazz, Country, etc. Fans can’t seem to get enough of praising the Mexican Fender Kurt Cobain Jaguar especially the version “Nos” (non-aged).


Epiphone SG Special VE Electric

One of the easiest to handle for small hands and young rockers.

+ Nice cutaway for easy reach of higher frets

+ Plays well like the expensive Les Paul and Gibson

+ Looks great with quality material, built to last

+ Body feels light but supports you well

+ Guitar stays well-tuned even for long hours of jamming


No locking nut

Some fret edges are a bit sharp, need to be sanded

Action needs a professional setup to play it

Finish is prone to dents, scrapes, and scratches

SG guitar was the rock icon in the 1950s. It is originally top-notch and not everyone could afford one. This is when Epiphone SG shines and steals the spotlight. Epiphone SG Special VE owns a best-seller spot in the market due to the same reason.
This electric guitar comes in elegant Ebony, Cherry, Vintage Sunburst, or Walnut Vintage Worn finishes. Classy bolt-on satin finished Mahogany D profile neck complements its lightweight slim body. Legends like Eric Clapton, the Allman Brothers, and Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath are among the players of this iconic on spot electric guitar.

60s SlimTaper D profile neck, body made of Poplar with Mahogany Veneer, and supported by an Okoume neck. 24.75” scale neck and 14” fretboard radius give you the ease to play. This wicked electric guitar is powered by Epiphone Open Coil ceramic humbuckers for bigger bass response and it originally comes with covered pickups which makes a great impact on the sound.

Price for the quality. It has got that look, feel, and sound of a legendary old-school rockstar guitar but doesn’t cost as much as one.

We could also see a couple of negative feedback on Amazon as “Poor Craftsmanship” & “not so hard of wood used.” however, the majority of comments are a total of five-stars. Considering the features Epiphone SG VE delivers and thinking about Gibson’s original version of this that costs around six times as much as this instrument does, I’d raise a glass to this for sure.


Squier by Fender Mini Strat Beginner Electric Guitar

Best budget choice in the market and great for beginners.

+ Easy for beginners to play

+ Comfortable body design

+ Good sound & simple tuning

No tremolo system

Too small for larger players

Not the best for distortion


C shaped neck, sleek design, and ¾ body size are what a beginner or a small hand player needs. Three standard Fender style single-coil pickups due to which the is tend to be  brighter and crisper, with greater note definition between strings. The bridge is a hardtail bridge for easy string changing and to keep the tuning of the guitar stable. 


It’s a ¾ guitar with a 22,75” scale length supported by a C shaped neck, made perfect for small hands, travelers, students, and beginners. The Mini Strat uses three single-coil pickups, volume, and tone controls and 5-way pickup switching making an impressive impact on the sound creating a big tone. Identical to a Stratocaster in terms of features. 

This guitar has a classic Fender look and available in red, black, and pink.

This mini electric guitar is specifically perfect for beginners and kids. I wouldn’t personally recommend this guitar to professional players, but if you need a second guitar that you can play comfortably, then why not! Some have indeed shared their feedback on its material not being great enough, but all generally agree that the Squier Mini Strat Beginner Electric Guitar manufactured by Fender is ideal for kids and beginners.


Ibanez GRGM21BKN 3/4 Size Mikro Electric Guitar

¾ version of the Ibanez full-size GRX and GRG models. High-quality sound and great construction.

+ Super fun to play

+ 24 frets on a 22-inch neck

+ Small size, great for beginners and kids

+ Good tone and high-quality construction, hard-tail bridge

+ Quite reasonable price considering the materials

Some fret buzz

Could need re-tuning a bit more often

Basic hardware



Ibanez Mikro is no toy. Mikro features the same construction and high quality of the Ibanez full size GRG and GRX models. Solid hardware for regular guitar use. Smooth bass sound and stable lower notes. May not be the best tonewood choice, but considering the price, we can’t really complain.


An inexpensive electric built for smaller hands and shorter arms. MiKro GRG shaped body made of Poplar, Rosewood fingerboard with sharktooth inlay and Maple neck. Comes with 24” frets, impressive for its size. Radius of almost 16” is perfect for soloing and bending notes. 22.2” scale length offers low tension giving less pressure to hands but it does not underestimate its sonic projection. Medium frets provide easier fretting for smaller hands.

 It’s designed with super pointy horns and quite deep cutaways, and that again makes this a great choice for small hands or beginners. 
Mixed feedback is seen on Amazon. Most customers don’t look much happy about its tuning ability, “Great guitar but go out of tune faster than a full-size guitar”, we have added it as a con.


Gibson SG Special

Gibson SG Special is a popular rock icon. Primarily focused on comfort and playability.

+ Really nice design

+ 24 ¾” scale length

+ High-quality & lightweight

+ Versatility (Sound/Tone)

Trouble with neck dive (only for some)


Not many are fans of its autotuners



As a review on Amazon said “ It’s Gibson Afterall…” Price is a huge matter without a doubt but Epiphone SG Special VE Electric is the actual cheaper version of the Gibson SG Special. Quality wouldn’t be the same, however. 

My personal thought: Gibson SG special is indeed special. It sells itself. Well, the name says it all, “SG” = “Solid Guitar”


Rosewood fretboard, generally a preferred fretboard wood. 22 frets and a D shape neck profile, perfect for the use. Epiphone G-400 Pro is the best choice in the series but then equally costly. Tune-O Matic bridge helps keep the tune stable and two-tone, two-volume, and a pickup selector switch rounds out the hardware. Solid tuning pegs add tuning stability to the instrument. This lightweight instrument adds less strain on your back making it comfortable to play. Its amazing sound adds versatility to this guitar. Ideal for blues, metal, rock, country and many other guitar styles.

As the bottom line, the price is what will lead you to think twice, but if you are someone after the quality of the instrument rather than price, then this is highly recommended. reviews:

“SG’s are mean Rock Machines :-)” 

“Super fast-playing, best Gibson guitar I have ever owned..”

Amazon reviews:

“Great guitar. The set up is good right out of the case. Overall a great buy”

“I’m in love with this guitar! That is all. “

Why Did These Electric Guitars Make Our List?

The guitars that we have listed down are at the topmost playable, featured, designed electric guitars you may find around. They don’t just look good, they are fully capable of providing a greater player experience to anyone. These guitars are ideal picks for you that will enhance your rock styles, especially for those of us with diminutive hand size.

They are special, value for the money spent, and hold the spotlight of the show.

Do I Need A Guitar with a Thin Neck for My Small Hands?

A guitar with a thin neck would be a wise idea for short fingers or small hands. A thin neck lessens the tension to your hands and muscles, makes it easier for you to reach the strings comfortably, and let you even enjoy the guitar you are playing. 

While playing a full-size clunky neck guitar is seemingly impossible for small hand players, a thin neck would make it easier and entirely possible. I’d say the ultra-thin U profile is the best neck profile for small hands and short fingers.

We have covered the finest rockers list exemplary for small hands. Basically, there are many hurdles to playing the guitar and playing it well, let having small hands not be one of the challenges.

Remember: Don’t negate the feel factor. A guitar both physically feels good and emotionally beholds the connection could take you a long way on your six-string dream. Further to it, we let the judge and jury be you!  

Let’s get to gigging and touring right away!

Frequently Asked Questions

Ibanez is known for having a narrow neck across most of its electric guitar line.

A fretboard radius that is 12“ or above will be best for small and players.

Smaller guitars are the best beginner guitars. Due to their size (mostly ¾) holding and handling them gets very easy and comfortable, even if you are not used to the shape and feel of a guitar.

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