Top 10 careers in the music business for music lovers

When we talk about a music career, we all think about a music performer. But little did we know, many people are working in the music industry. This article is for you if you love music and want to build your career in the music industry. Let’s go through the top 10 careers in the music industry.

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Job of a music producer 

A music producer plays a huge part in the music industry. A music producer’s job is to oversee almost every aspect of creating a song or an album. Just like a film director, a music producer should be able to make a decision in a short time. They also should be able to put their imagination or vision to the final product in that short period. It is a producer’s job to choose the instruments, musicians, vocalists, and the song itself. The producer also needs to focus on each track while it is laid down. A music producer is responsible for the overall production. They should be able to make sure everything is running smoothly as it follows the blueprint. In a word, they are the boss. They also should be able to do everything that can increase the quality of a sound or music. For the final mix, the music producer is responsible for the edit. A producer usually has expertise in a particular genre of music. 

What education qualification does a producer need?

There is no particular degree needed to become a full-fledged music producer. But there are a few courses that colleges offer. The four-year program may consist of courses like recording principles, audio workstations, audio engineering techniques, electronic music, etc. These courses can help a producer get a stable job.

Becoming a music producer 

So you want to become a music producer, but you do not know how to start. You might be afraid that you cannot afford any instruments, or you might think you do not have sufficient knowledge. Well, there is a piece of good news for you. You DO NOT need any expensive instruments. For a starter, you need basic knowledge about music theory. You can learn music theory on your own. Start with learning an instrument. It will help you with learning music theory. Next up is getting your DAW. Select a platform and start experimenting with it. Take slow but perfect steps. Make your first song. Then learn to mix it and master it. These will help you grow the fundamental skills you might need to become a music producer. 

Learn more about the fundamental skills of a producer


According to average music producer salary in the USA is $51,093. Producers with editing skills are the highest-paid people. Their earnings go up to $58000+.

Check out the video on music producer career information:


Job of a music composer

We all enjoy a good song. Two of the primary aspect of a good piece is the composition and the lyrics. It is no surprise that there is a very talented music composer working hard behind all good songs. A music composer writes, creates, and arrange musical notes together to create a symphony. A music composer creates compositions for songs, films, games, TV, and web series. It is widespread practice for music composers to advise the musicians. It is his job to analyze the project with the producers to gather information. The information will be used to specify the genre. The composer should schedule the meetings beforehand. They should also receive feedback and make changes accordingly.  

Education qualification to become a music composer

This might come to you as a surprise. But to become a good composer, you do not need any educational qualifications. It is mostly because people compose songs for themselves. It requires a tremendous amount of creative skills to create an original piece of music. Some corporations might require a bachelor’s or even master’s degree in music composition. But if you want to be a composer on your own, you will be fine without a degree.

How to become a music composer?

So your number one question after reading the article should be, “Where do I start?” and “What skills will I need?”. Becoming a music composer is easy. But remember, folks, creating art is not easy. To start off, expose yourself to a lot of music, start dissecting legendary musical pieces and try to make a small amount of music on your own. Creating a good sounding of music requires extensive knowledge about music theory. So it is a must that you learn music theory and practice daily. Experiment with different notes. You have to be very creative and knowledgeable to make something delicious.

How much does a composer make? 

According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, an average music composer’s median salary is $49,630.

Check out this amazing video by TEDx Talks on composing music


Job of a musician

A musician plays an instrument professionally because of their musical talent. A musician is responsible for playing your favorite solo in a song. Musicians might work solo or work in a band. In a band, they play a significant role in creating the music from their instrument and playing it without any error. The most common type of musicians is the guitarist, drummer, bassist, and the keyboardist.

What education qualification does a musician need?

A musician does not necessarily need any degree as their work consists of performance artists. But getting a degree opens up more opportunities in the industry. A musician can obtain an Associate’s of Fine Arts degree. It will help the musician to set the foundation of their career.  

How to become a musician?

Start with learning an instrument. Maybe start with the guitar or the piano. Learn music theory and practice it whenever you find the time. Learn a new song. Take help from the internet of book guides. You will be needing some skills to become a musician. These skills are mastery over music theory, mastery over multiple musical instruments, patience, self-discipline, creativity, perseverance, and dedication.

Check out this video on “Beginner to Advanced Stages of Guitar” by Andy Guitar

How much does a musician make? 

According to, top-level musician earnings begin at $156,943, and senior-level musician earnings start at $97,439.


Job of a recording engineer

The recording engineer’s job is to mix the sound and the overall sound of the album. His primary duty is to make the studio ready for recording. He will operate the mixing console and handle all studio equipment. In most cases, all the instruments are recorded separately. The recording engineer will mix all of them up and manipulate each recorded piece. Controlling includes fixing tempo, intensity, and sound effects 

Education qualification for a recording engineer 

A recording engineer requires some skills. These skills can have got through college degrees. There are vocational schools, community colleges, or even a 4-year program education available for the engineers. Most of the sound engineers go to vocational schools or community colleges. Undergraduate majors for sound engineers are also available. Major comprises audio technology and music production.

How to become a recording engineer?

Since recording engineering is a very technical job. Start with watching other sound engineers work. You can find that opportunity by going to your local recording studio. Pay attention to his work. Ask him questions about the procedure and clear your concepts. After the question session, try working with him. Start with working slow. The music industry involves making connections. Take any possible opportunity you can get. Try to work smarter and efficiently so you can attract clients for yourself. There are specific skills you will need before you can move on. These skills are mastering music software, editing, and mixing music. You have to be very flexible, as your work involves many people.

How much does a recording engineer make?

According to, an average recording engineer earns about $74,417/ yr. It starts from $47k up to $85k.


Job of a music journalist

It is the job of the music journalist to connect the audience with music through articles, videos and podcasts. The position of a music journalist is fun. Their primary work is to listen to the news release, make reports, research, and email it to publicists. The report consists of musical news stories, interviews with the concert, and even stories behind an album. The work is fun as they are mostly traveling to many music fests, live shows, and seeing bands. A journalist who works for a prestigious outlet like The Rolling Stone has access to big stars. They can even conduct an interview with them.

Education qualification for a music journalist 

Getting a job as a music journalist requires some level of education. A bachelor’s degree is preferred. They can take a major in journalism as journalism will their main focus, not the music itself. A 4-year program is preferred by most organizations in the USA. According to courses like economics and psychology can be helpful for his career.

How to become a music journalist?

A music journalist can choose any platform that suits them. So if you want to be a music journalist, you should decide what type of journalist you want to be. By medium, you can work as a content writer for a newspaper or content creator for a website. You can also apply for big-name outlets. If you choose to work for your local newspaper. Your work should contain contents about your local musicians. Some magazines focus on in-depth interviews with prominent artists. But working on a website can open up more opportunities, as you will be able to create video and audio content. Review journalists put reviews on music and live performance. This job requires some experience with music.

A music journalist must have these 4 skills

  • Writing skills
  • Reporting skills
  • Interviewing skills
  • Education on various aspect of music industry

How much does a music journalist make?

An average music journalist’s salary starts from $45,000 and goes up to $80,000.


Job of a music publicist

The music industry is filled with talented artists. To find the spotlight, an artist needs tremendous talent and dedication. Without a good publishing strategy, the music can wash away all the efforts put into that plan. A music publicist is here to help with these situations. A music publicist spreads information about their artists or clients to the general mass. They can use multiple platforms (paid/unpaid) to share the stories. The music publicist might work with the media outlets to ensure the publicity. They also ensure the coverage of their client’s releases, announcements, or even concerts.

Education qualification for a music publicist 

Most of the music publicists have a certain level of education. In most cases, corporate or media outlets require undergraduate degrees. A publicist can study English, mass communication, advertising, public relation, or marketing degree to secure a stable career.

How to become a music publicist?

Let’s say you have an undergraduate degree, and you want to be a music publicist. How do you start? So firstly, begin to read. Learn what will be your responsibility after getting the job. Try to understand how your job works. Try to understand what type of artists/clients you are looking for. Find the perfect client, do not work with any client. You must work with someone you actually like to be able to represent him perfectly. To find a client, you need to build a broad range of communication with the industry, and the only way is to reach out!

Okay, let’s talk about skill requirements to become a music publicist. Good music publicist must have good writing skills. It means you should have strong grammar and a good grasp of the language. You have to be very patient, as you will be representing your client.

How much does a music publicist make?

According to, an average music publicist makes $49,198 in the USA. It starts from $36k up to $67k a year.


Job of a music teacher

The title music teacher is very explanatory. A music teacher is responsible for teaching his/her students everything about music related to his/her specific instrument.

Here is a list of possible topics music teacher might teach their students

  • Introducing to the instrument
  • Music theory
  • Chords
  • Scale
  • How to play the instrument?
  • Learning to play on your own
  • How to practice.

Education qualification for a music teacher 

           Education qualification will be a huge factor if you want to be a teacher in a school. Even if you’re going to open your own music school, you will need some sort of degree to attract students. To work in a public school, you must have a bachelor’s degree in music or music education. You might also need to complete a student teaching internship in music.

How to become a music teacher?

Teaching people how to play an instrument sounds like a fun job. But being a teacher is not that easy. You need to have very specific skills to become a good teacher. Let’s go over some skills you will need to become a music teacher.

  • Excellent knowledge of your preferred instrument.
  • Excellent knowledge of music theory.
  • Playing skills should be top-notch
  • Patience
  • Determination 
  • Creativity while teaching 
  • Excellent teaching skills 

How much does a music teacher make?

The salary of a music teacher can vary. An elementary school teacher can earn from $57,980 a year, where a postsecondary school teacher makes $70,000 a year. The average earning of a music professor is $92,104, which can go up to $190,578.


Job of a music director

The music director is responsible for overseeing all music aspects of a musical theater, Opera production, leading an orchestra, managing rehearsal, and conducting the performance team. A director’s job is to present a setting, song, influence that serves the storytelling of a particular performance or show. Developing a vision from the early on of the production, a music director works very hard. During the rehearsals, a music director sees all pieces separately to ensure the best performance.  

Education qualification for a music director 

A music director usually tends to go for a master’s degree in the musical program. Some might even go for Ph.D. The program consists of conducting, music theory, or music composition.

How to become a music director?

To become a music director, you can start learning an instrument. You will have vast knowledge about music theory through this. You will also need to expose yourself to many concerts, ballets, and symphony. You will need a bachelor’s degree in the music field in order to secure a stable job.

How much does a music director make?

According to, the median salary of a music director is $50,590. 


Job of a session musician

A session musician is a musician who performs in the recording session or live performance. As a session player, you might be called to play for an album or song. You might even be able to take a tour with the associated band. A session playing can also be a pathway to a full-fledged musician. With countless hours of practice, a session player can become very successful. 

Education qualification for a session musician 

A session musician does not need any educational qualification. But you will need a lot of practice and knowledge of music. A session player might have to play many genres of music. A degree can help him build the foundation.

How to become a session musician?

To become a session musician, you will need specific skills. Let’s go through some of the skills.

  • Mastery over an instrument
  • Singing
  • Flexibility
  • Discipline
  • Marketing
  • Confidence 

To become a session musician, you can start by learning how to sing. You will also need to learn a musical instrument. After learning it properly, try to work with a group of people. You will not need to write any music. Most of your success depends on your playing. So it comes as no surprise, you have to work very hard learning the instrument.

How much does a session musician make?

The average salary of a session musician is $40,000 to $50,000 a year


Job of a tour manager

A tour manager is responsible for a band’s tour. He manages every piece of transportation, scheduling, and finances of a tour. He makes sure everything runs smoothly during the tour. A tour manager may also be responsible for booking shows and hotel for the band. A tour manager also helps with passport issues. You also have to carry the band’s responsibilities.

Education qualification for a tour manager

A tour manager does not require any educational qualifications. 

How to become a tour manager?

To become a tour manager, you need to have good knowledge of the industry. You need to have accounting principles and daily scheduling management. They get all the education through working in the actual field.

How much does a tour manager make?

Tour Managers earn approximately $54,300 annually


These are the best careers in the music industry. You should find your strengths and weaknesses. Pick the one suitable for you and go for it!

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