What are the 5 best websites to learn guitar 2021? [Details & Reviews]

Did you know you can easily learn to play your guitar just at home in front of your electronic device even if it’s just a mobile phone? What are the 5 best websites to learn guitar 2021, your guitar lessons are at your fingertips!

Learning guitar is not just about a work of art, it’s indeed a work of passion. During the Covid-19 pandemic chaos, it’s best to avoid interacting with people face to face for your safety as well as that of those who you love. On the other hand, in robotic modern days when 24 hours of the day is not quite enough to do both what you have or need to, and what you’d want and love to, you may need a minute to pause the race of life and work on your passion or hobby as a stress relief. And that’s why we are taking you over a review about the best websites to learn guitar, so you can just chill at home, sip on your favorite drink while you follow a fully educational channel learning how to play guitar like a pro in no time. 

Justin Guitar Lessons

One of the best-reputed guitar learning websites is Justin Guitar Lessons. Justin Sandercoe is known to be a great teacher. We encourage beginners to sign-up for his classes and you won’t regret it, especially because over 700 beginner courses are available for absolutely free. Thereafter you can continue for just $9.99/month for a 6-month plan. You could choose sections more theoretical or skills/techniques based to master. Upon registration, you start getting PDF materials, beginner-intermediate-advanced and spectrum courses, style modules that include blue rhythms, blues lead, fingerstyle folk, and a small selection of metal and rock. You also get super affordable add-on apps for under $3, and he introduces you to a grading system to track your progress along the road as well. His mobile-friendly website is very well organized with high-quality videos and a great learning experience. A few users said they found the website navigation difficult, but it was just a matter of a few.


We also love how JamPlay is a perfect guitar school with incredible 6,500 lessons being taught by over 100 well-experienced teachers. More than 450 courses to choose from, let it be fingerstyle, classic rock, country, metal…, you call it and it’s there! $19.95/month for a monthly membership, $49.95/month for 3 months, $159.95 annually. Some may tend to skip this as it’s not for free, but considering the 4k videos, live in-studio lessons, master classes, interactive tab, add-on apps, and all mentioned above for less than $20 a month is extraordinarily reasonable. Several guest courses to start with, and you could also go on video chats with your instructors taking virtual lessons. And Oh…, they do provide a 100% money-back guarantee. Sign up for the free trial to give it a go!


GuitarTricks,  best for beginners and intermediate players. 14 days free trial to start with, over 11,000 lessons, over 1000 song tutorials online, and experienced professionals from different genres such as rock, blues, country, jazz, metal, and several others. Their Core Learning System (CLS) is what is really special about them. CLS includes; toolbox inc. metronome, tuner, chord finder, and fretboard trainer. Many latest songs are available in their large song library, the website is extremely compatible, just $19.99/monthly, $179.99/annually and you get yourself a great deal. 60 days money-back guarantee. Some are concerned that there are not enough options for those higher than the intermediate level. Also, GuitarTrick teachers are great but not as famous in general. 

ArtistWorks Guitar Campus

ArtistWorks Guitar Campus is a complete virtual guitar university with over 50,000 video lessons and well experienced 9 teachers. They follow a well-organized specialized student plan where a student gets to receive personalized feedback that would directly help the student player’s development. So, with the ArtistWorks team, you wouldn’t be left off just as one in a group, but you get more like a personal trainer for yourself. It is a bit expensive costing $35/month for a 3-month plan, $30/month for a 6-month plan, and $23.25 per month for the annual plan, but the experience is definitely worth it!


What if you could get an opportunity to learn to play guitar from a famous guitarist such as  Robben Ford? Very well then, TrueFire makes that entirely possible. 40,000 above lessons are categorized into over 800 courses and every course is individually priced where you could choose what’s best for your knowledge, skills, and wallet. Over 30,000 tabs, 20,000+ jam tracks, additional new courses weekly, pro instructors, 1080p HD videos, and Speed lessons: Slo-Mo and Looping to catch up with those areas you need the most improvement on. Courses available for all levels but this platform is specifically best recommended for intermediate and advanced level players. $29/month for monthly plan, $249 annual, and $2,499 lifetime. Some claim there is no clear-cut path for beginners, but why don’t you try it yourself! It’s entirely free for beginners as encouragement and comes with a 30 days free trial period as well. 

To actually work on an online guitar learning program, you need to find a compatible website that maintains a clear communication level, a wide selection of lessons and courses, preferably live human teachers, accessible, and budget-friendly all at the same time. Above carefully selected 5 choices I find more interesting and more like what you would be looking for. Don’t give up on your dreams, stay safe, and keep practicing your six-strings.

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