What is the best way to learn guitar without taking classes?

You don’t need to entertain the fear that you won’t be able to play the guitar again. At some point, most guitarists have passed through that stage. Learning to play the guitar may take time, but it’s worth the time. Here’s we’ll take you through how you can learn the guitar with less difficulty.

Most people feel hiring a teacher will do, but that’s not the best. There are some things a teacher won’t put you through because they expect you to find out yourself. This article is the hack that will simplify your guitar lessons in the best way. And Yes, you don’t need a teacher for this one.

What is the best way to learn guitar without taking classes?

The best way to learn the guitar is by self tutoring. Yes, learning to play the guitar on your own without a physical human tutor is the best. Don’t get this twisted by playing chords every time, thinking you’ll become a professional. That won’t help.

When we say self tutoring is the best way, there’s a lot that goes into it, like being passionate and seeing its true magnificence. Aside from playing the guitar, geniuses of other crafts have a true passion for what they do. Learning to play the guitar by oneself can be simplified to help the learner. 

Study music theory

To start with, for example, the first part you’ll be introduced to when learning a language is its alphabet. You can run a few chords and try some song patterns on the guitar, but memorizing a few phrases of the language you want to learn doesn’t mean you can speak it. Learning an alphabet involves looking into the dictionary and being able to form sentences with different words as well as suffixes.

The same thing applies to music. When you learn the rudiments of music, you can build ideologies like signatures, scales, jazz tones, polyrhythms, and other complexes. This is very important for music literacy.


After you’ve learned to study music, there’s this phenomenon that whenever you listen to a song, you can form a note by translating the vibrations. Yes, it is true. When there’s a double vibration, it means a higher octave. When there’s a half vibration, it means the octave is lower. 

In these octaves, twelve notes mark the higher and lower degrees of vibration. By constantly listening to music, you’ll easily relate to it and recognize whatever pitch it is, whether at the fretboard top (highest pitches) or the open strings (deepest pitches).

If indeed you have studied music before listening to songs, you’ll discover that there’s nothing called pitch deaf. All you need to do is pay attention to details to get the pitch. If you listen to fingerpicking songs, you’ll hear the sounds and picture them as notes in your mind. With this idea, you can do justice to songs, gradually.


This includes the study of scales, tunings, time signatures, rhythm patterns, fretboard patterns and memorization, and harmonic. You won’t understand all at once. It takes continuous understanding and study to master these concepts. If you’re not used to studying, you won’t get this part of self tutoring.

Go through books, browse the internet, and watch videos to get used to all the concepts. 

Compare and contrast

In the process of studying, grab a guitar and play. Since you now understand the rudiments of music, you have overcome the fear. You’ll grab faster as you combine practice with studying. It is impossible to finish resources on the internet, dig deep to master everything. 

When you start playing, listen to professionals as they play, compare your lessons, and improve on the guitar. At some point, the difference won’t be much if you listen to professional play. You can only get to this stage by working hard.

Continue to play and improve until you discover there’s zero difference between yourself and a professional player or a rock star you’re listening to.

Online Guitar Learning

Nowadays, a lot of professional musicians are opening up to online teaching. There are a lot of music teachers or musicians who are currently teaching guitars online. You can find pre-recorded videos or even live classes. The premium access to some websites can give you online courses. The classes are usually taken on youtube, skype, discord, or other platforms where you can interact with the teacher, or learn base on the structured music of the lesson.

There are a lot of websites that provide guitar tabs. You can learn to play your favorite song faster and easier with guitar tabs. Some may say, guitar tabs can significantly reduce the chance of getting better with guitar, but it is perfectly fine if you are just a beginner. Tabs could also be very helpful if you were asked to play a song out of nowhere. You can check out Jefferey Thomas Lesson From Anywhere for skype lessons, he teaches bass and ukulele as well, and you can also schedule a free class here.

We already know that COVID-19 is highly contagious. Therefore, online learning can also be very efficient and safe during the current situation. You can know how the Pandemic has made online guitar learning valid!

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