Which YouTube Channels Are The Best For Beginners To Learn To Play The Guitar?

You’ll find a guitarist in every music setting, from rap, rock, jazz, and everything in-between. But all guitarists weren’t born that way, they grew up learning to play the instrument. Becoming a great guitarist requires you to practice endlessly as well as learning from the best. 

As a beginner, if you want to learn the guitar and improve on your skills, there are contents on YouTube that can help you learn faster. Here, you’ll find the best YouTube channels for beginners to learn the guitar.

Justin Guitar

This YouTube channel is one of the best for beginners who want to learn the craft of playing the guitar. It is an admirable channel and accompanying website that has taken the owner over fifteen years to grow. The channel provides several guitar lessons for various levels. Justin, the content creator applies a cool and serious vibe in his tutoring, for beginners and seasoned players.

Justin Guitar owns two YouTube channels, one for teaching how to play the guitar and the other for teaching songs. Both channels are excellent and can be accessed from Justin’s website, Justinguitar.com. There you’ll find different comprehensive tabs and YouTube links to watch tutorial videos. 

The website and YouTube channel are synched and organized that you won’t experience issues when it’s time to watch a video. The arrangements and structured fashion of the channel make it easy for a beginner to access all lessons one after the other. 

The YouTube channel is resourceful for both learners and experienced players. It is free for all unless you want to contribute some cash to support Justin’s hard work. 


Another top YouTube learning channel created by a dedicated and experienced guitar player, this channel has been a source of knowledge for years. The creator, Marty has impacted lots of enthusiasts who knew nothing about the guitar and has picked them up with his vital contents to play any guitar. There’s a page where the YouTube channel students always comment on his teaching skills and experience.

There is stuff on how to play selected songs or how to copy an artist’s style without neglecting beginners and basic guitar lessons. Marty has guests that often come to explain techniques but he’s the man. He’s patient and willing to do more so that viewers can get every part of his explanations. With practical demonstrations on the guitar, the learner will grab things easily.

His sense of humor is quirky and quick to grab, but it takes a determined learner to make progress on every lesson in Martyzsongs YouTube channel. His website is linked to the channel, if you need more resource materials you can check. You could be lucky enough to win giveaways too.

Rock On Good People

The correct spelling of this YouTube channel is rockongoodpeople, and is another remarkable channel designed for all levels. There’s no category of players that can’t learn from this channel. It has been around for over a decade and still waxing strong in terms of teaching learner and pro-guitar players. They also do guitar review as well as that of pedals and tuners for different users.

The YouTube channel is linked with the creator’s website where you can find over 250 beginner lessons and about 900 intermediate lessons. One good thing about the channel is the more you learn, the more they expand your knowledge of different equipment that can pair with the guitar. 

They have everything you need to get all the experience you want. The channel also features organized sessions like choosing a guitar for your first performance, how to improve on live show performances. Thus, preparing you for the big stage experience even as a beginner.

With this channel, you can become a pro guitar player if you follow all their practical demonstrations with your guitar.

Guitar lessons

Every YouTube channel gets popular as the number of subscribers increases. Guitar lessons are one dedicated channel for beginners to learn everything about the guitar, whether electric guitar, acoustic guitar, or bass guitar. Nate Savage, the lead content creator for this channel boasts of over 700k subscribers. The numbers speak much on the efforts of the creator in impacting solid knowledge.

Every beginner lessons from positioning your fingers, parts of a guitar, how to hold the guitar are on the YouTube channel. Nate Savage also shares his regrets and some mistakes he made while he was learning and when he became a professional. With this, you as a beginner can avoid those mistakes and improve on the basics.

This YouTube channel also teaches you to build focus. You do not need much if you find out about this channel and start watching their tutorials.

Music is Win

Music is Win YouTube channel is an engaging channel with fun and it carries you along with each video and demonstration. There’s plenty of content on the guitar culture and whatnot. All the lessons on the YouTube channel are fun, tasking, and excellent. Good things won’t come easy, that’s why most of the videos demand hard work from you. Take chord progressions for example. You’ll get personal exposure on how to apply the different chord progressions.

Aside from the beginners’ package, intermediate players can get lots of inspiration from the channel. It is vast, dynamic, and easily understood, and it features simple practical demonstrations of any lesson you’re learning. It also features sessions where professionals come to flex skills and you can learn from them by applying their technique.

With $10, you can enjoy subscribing to the online Guitar Super System to enjoy High Definition video tutorials for all levels.

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